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How does your company's performance compare to other distributors? Are you at the top of the game, or are you just average? See how you compare to over $30B in industry benchmarks when you tap into the sophisticated analytics of WayPoint.

  • generate a free 18-page report showing your company's performance on dozens of sophisicated measures
  • see where how company's performance compares
  • get strategic and tactical suggestions that can boost your cash-flow and profits

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"Randy MacLean is my go-to guy whenever anybody in distribution is thinking about how analytics can drive profitability."

Dirk Beveridge
Founder, UN!eashWD Conference

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The security of your data is important to us. Your information is handled with the same standards as used by banking institutions. Your information will be used only for your report and aggregated into industry totals. It will NOT be shared with third parties.